"I’ve known Gordon for some 10 years now. In that time we’ve forged a working relationship built on trust . 

If Gordon says he can help you - he can. If he says he’s going to do something - he does. 

He doesn’t deal in numbers, he deals in people. No one has anything to lose by speaking to him, and everything to gain. Speak to him"

- Rob Rusby

Trusting Relationships

"Gordon has fantastic infectious energy in everything that he approaches and you can’t help but listen. 

He comes from a place of diverse and interesting work experiences, through his many careers with some cutting wisdom 

He has carried these life skills into his role, where his communication skills come to the fore and his passion to make a difference to people’s lives - a great guy.."

- Mark Hodgkinson

Making a Difference

"I highly recommend Gordon for professional and friendly advice and support, definitely worth speaking to especially on saving money.

Thanks Gordon for all your great support for me, my family and wider connections who are all benefitting from your advice"

- Toni Camilleri

Professional Advice

The Best Service

"I have dealt with Gordon Fitch for many years. When I had problems with my bill, he was there to sort out, saving me hours on the phone. 

No other Company can offer this personal service. That alone is what you get with Gordon. They look after my utilities, Gordon looks after me.."

- John Byrne

"I have passed many of my clients worried about rising energy bills to Gordon, and every one of them have come back with a glowing report on how professional and friendly Gordon was

Those that signed up are delighted with how much money they have saved. Highly recommended"

- Phil Broeders

Highly Recommended

So Supportive

"Gordon has been so supportive to me and my business over the years. 

He is a fantastic networker, he works hard to make valuable introductions and genuinely wants to see his fellow business owners succeed..."

- Ally Phillips

"Gordon has been incredibly helpful with financial advice and he is always there for advice and happy to go the extra mile to get an answer to any queries you have. 

I have especially appreciated his pre-emptive style, letting us know any changes, keeping us informed. Great person to work with."

- Beki Caslin

Incredibly Helpful